Code Style

Python imports

isort enforces the following Python global import order:

  • from __future__ import ...
  • Python standard library
  • Third party modules
  • Local project imports (absolutely specified)
  • Local project imports (relative path, eg: from .models import Credentials)

In addition:

  • Each group should be separated by a blank line.

  • Within each group, all import ... statements should be before from ... import ....

  • After that, sort alphabetically by module name.

  • When importing multiple items from one module, use this style:

    from django.db import (models,

The quickest way to correct import style locally is to let isort make the changes for you - see running the tests.

Note: It’s not possible to disable isort wrapping style checking, so for now we’ve chosen the most deterministic wrapping mode to reduce the line length guess-work when adding imports, even though it’s not the most concise.