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Code Style


We use Prettier for JS/JSX formatting and the Airbnb guide for non-style related best practices. Both are validated using ESlint (see Validating Javascript in the Installation section).

Prettier is also used to format JSON/CSS/HTML/Markdown/YAML. However these are not supported by ESLint, so instead are validated using Prettier's CLI. To manually check their formatting (as well as that of JS/JSX) using Prettier, run yarn format:check, or to apply formatting fixes run yarn format.

However we recommend that you instead add Prettier to your editor/IDE and enable "format on save" for the most seamless development workflow.

Imports in JS/JSX must be ordered like so (with newlines between each group):

  1. external modules (eg 'react')
  2. modules from a parent directory (eg '../foo')
  3. "sibling" modules from the same or a sibling's directory (eg './bar' or './bar/baz')

For CSS, we use reactstrap and Bootstrap's utility classes as much as possible before adding custom CSS to a style sheet. Any custom style that can be made reusable should be named generically and stored in the ui/css/treeherder-custom-styles.css file.