Common tasks

Serving the docs locally

The docs are built using MkDocs, which has a live-reloading development server, that makes working on the docs locally much easier.

To use this within the Docker environment, run:

docker-compose run -p 8000:8000 backend mkdocs serve -a

Or if you would rather not use Docker, instead activate a virtualenv on the host machine, and from the root of the Treeherder repo, run:

> pip install -r requirements/docs.txt
> mkdocs serve

In either case, the docs will then be available at: http://localhost:8000

Updating package.json

  • Always use yarn to make changes, not npm, so that yarn.lock remains in sync.
  • Add new packages using yarn add <PACKAGE> (yarn.lock will be automatically updated).
  • After changes to package.json use yarn install to install them and automatically update yarn.lock.
  • For more details see the Yarn documentation.

Add a new Mercurial repository

To add a new repository, the following steps are needed:

  • Append new repository information to the fixtures file located at: treeherder/model/fixtures/repository.json
  • Restart any running Django runserver/Celery processes.

For more information on adding a new GitHub repository, see Adding a GitHub repository.