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Treeherder Manual Smoke Tests

Quick set of tests to be run prior to:

For a PR, depending on what you changed, you may need to only test in one of these categories.


Open the console to look for exceptions.


Test the following:

  1. Initial page loads. Can load more jobs with Next N buttons.
  2. Switch repos.
  3. Classify a job.
  4. Retrigger a job on try.
  5. Add new jobs and click Trigger button on try.
  6. Hit n key to select next failed job. Hit again should cycle through each.
  7. Change filtering to ensure they take effect.
    • Try typing "Linux" or "Win" in the search string box.
  8. Toggle unclassified-only mode and back

    • Select an orange job
    • Click on link to filter that kind of job
    • Press letter 'U' to toggle between unclassified jobs and all jobs
    • You should be switching between all jobs of that kind and the orange ones that have not been classified
  9. Login / Logout


  1. Graphs
  2. Compare
  3. Alerts

Ask Sheriffs

  1. Ping with the word sheriff in the #sheriffs channel and request them to test their workflows.
  2. Test around any high-risk commits since last deploy.